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  • Give and get stuff for free in your town.
  • Send a message without revealing your email address and any replies will be forwarded to you.
  • Create an e-mail to send to the future.
  • Click a button to send the webpage you are browsing to your email
  • Email forwarding system and email redirecting system
  • Email security (uses GnuPG)
  • Protects your mail by embedding your text into an image, combined with a strong encryption.
  • Send postcards and letters from your Email to regular mail (snail-mail).
  • Email Client with many extensions themes.

  • Email Lists / Address Book

  • Create your own email lists.
  • Manage mailing lists, identify which emails are valid and sort them by a number of criteria.

  • Large Emails

  • Email files up to 100mb quickly, securely and easily.

  • Phishing

  • Spam email now has a new and more frightening variant, it's called phishing.

  • Spam

  • When email arrives, it is automatically tested. If it's spam, it will be moved to a spam folder.
  • Donate your spam! A database of spam to be used for testing, developing, and more.
  • Email spam remover (works with pop3 accounts)
  • Spam filter that works between your E-Mail client and the Internet (with plug-ins and addons).

  • Webmail

  • 30GB mailbox - An invitation is required for sign up.
  • Over 2GB of Google mail! Easily search your email, no need to delete emails, pop3, imap.
  • Turn GMail into a local hard disk